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Welcome to Pre Edu Guide (Pre Educational Guide) and here you will find an array of resources related to development of your child. Our goal is to make the practical class orientated education available to everybody whether at home or at school. We will be featuring various educational programs on our website and we will continue to add additional resources and programs, so be sure to check back regularly.

At the moment we have 3 programs available:

Baby Program 3 - 24 months

This program is divided in periods of three months with daily stimulation activities to reach age appropriate milestones.

Each program include the following:
  • Monthly Program
  • Practical Manual
  • Toy List
  • Daily Routine

Toddler Program 18 - 36 months

This program exists of 20 themes (Theme 1 - 8 is currently available, the rest of the themes will be available during the course of 2017). Each theme must be repeated the next week (covers 2 weeks) to stimulates this age appropriate milestones. The themes are progressively done from easy to more difficult.

Each program include the following:
  • 2 Weekly Theme
  • Art
  • Practical Manual
  • All graphics associated with the theme

Continuous Assessment (2 - 5 years)

The continuous assessment program includes the observation and assessment of ages 2-5 years to determine the progress of the children in their milestones.

Document consists of a 23 page document:

  • Short descriptive manual on how to use the document
  • 2-3 year assessment and concepts
  • 3-4 year assessment and concepts
  • 4-5 year assessment and concepts
  • 2-5 milestones for referral
  • etc.

Please note that all the files are digital in PDF format and will be emailed to you, once payment has been made.

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